Storyline for “The Desert Doesn’t Freeze”

Chapter One

“The Portal” 

Anna is teleported to tatoinee and captured by Jabba

Chapter Two

“Anna’s Punishment”

Anna is tortured for disobeying Jabba

Chapter Three


Anna is given an outfit and trained for her first night with Jabba

Chapter Four


Elsa sneaks in to save anna, but is busted similar to what happened in episode 6 with han and leia. 

Chapter Five

“Sisters Reunite”

Anna and Elsa together in the harem. Having sex, talking, whatever.

Chapter Six

“Only One”

Jabba decides he only wants one of them and they each have a night to prove themselves. The loser is killed.

[Either Anna or Elsa can win, doesn’t matter]

Chapter Seven

“[Insert Loser Here]’s Execution

The loser is executed.

Chapter Eight

“[Winner]’s Submission”

The winner (we will call her Jane for now) begins to submit to Jabba and enjoy him.

Chapter Nine

“An Honest Slave”

Jane admits to not having fully enjoyed her previous night with Jabba and demands she is reprimanded. 

Chapter Ten


Jane is tortured at her request.

Chapter Eleven

“The Last Straw”

Jane admits to [another mistake, not enjoying Jabba, whatever] and demands she is punished. Jabba offers torture, but Jane insist that torture shows too much mercy. Jabba offers to have her shot, but again, that is not enough. Jane demands a painful execution.

Chapter Twelve

“The [Name of Execution Method]”

Jane is executed.


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